6 Amazing Ways to Use Banana Peel You’ve Never Tried

6 Amazing Ways to Use Banana Peel You’ve Never Tried
2018年10月16日 Mirthee_official

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When it comes to bananas, many ways to eat them pop into your head: Banana Smoothie, Frozen Banana Bites, Fried Cinnamon Bananas and so on, however, how do you usually do with banana peel? I asked some of my friends and their answers are: just throw it into dustbin. If you just do in the same way my friends do, I promise you lose a good thing! Now I will introduce you some amazing ways to do with banana peels.

  1. Whitening and sparkling your teeth

Banana peel contains rich mineral materials such Magnesium and Kalium, which can whitening and sparkling your teeth. Before brush your teeth every morning and night, for ten days gently rub the teeth with the inside of a banana peel for about 10 minutes, you’ll see significantly improvement on  your teeth. Why not have a try?

2. Remove ink stains on your cloth

Though we do not usually use ink these days, it is difficult to remove ink stain on your close. Banana peel helps you in case some day you want to write something by a pen and ink stain accidently marks your close. Natuaral oils contained in the banana peel will remove ink stain by rub the stain with banana peel, and rinse.

3.  Clean oil and grease stains from kitchen wall

Every housewife are trying to work out a way to remove oil and grease stains from kitchen wall. Here is a new way: rub the oil and grease stains with the outside of a banana peel, and you will say “wow”. Do not hesitate to have a try.

4. A good treatment of itchy skin

Many people have suffered from itchy skin, specially when a season changes to another. Just rub banana peel on your itchy skin for some minutes and you will feel better.

5. Polish leather and silver

Girls like leathers bags and silver jewelries. How to clean them and prolong their life becomes a problem. Just rub the inside of a banana peel onto the surface of leather and silver to remove stains and prolong their lifetime.

6. Soothe your dry skin

Dry skin in autumn and winter? Banana peel will help. Apply the inside of banana peels on your skin. Ten minutes later, peel them off and wash with clean water, and you will feel better!

Please notice:

Fresh banana feel will have the best results.

If you tried these tips above or have any other way to use banana peel, comment welcome!

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