99% of People Do Not Know The Right Way to Choose A Pizza Cutter

99% of People Do Not Know The Right Way to Choose A Pizza Cutter
2018年8月1日 Mirthee_official

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Everyone, young or old, loves pizza, which is easy-making, and could satisfy everyone’s flavor. What makes a good pizza? You may say crispy crust, fresh topping full of what your favorite vegetables and meat or tasty cheese. Yes you are right, however, have you ever thought a pizza cutter is playing an important role? If you are hooked on pizza, you cannot stand grease or toppings getting in the way of the perfect cut. Without a good pizza cutter, toppings move around the pizza, cheese sloughs off, and it’s tough to cut straight through and get even slices. Therefore, you, need a “high-quality” pizza cutter.

To buy what kind of pizza cutter comes down to personal preferences, however, some points you need to consider before making the decision. While choosing, you need to consider:

1. Is it Abrasion-resistance?

As far as I know, most pizza cutters are made from metal, and usually food-grade stainless steel, because metals are durable and sharper. However, not all pizza cutters were polished well. When you bought it home and use for several times, especially being put into the dishwasher, you will see scratches on the surface. If you are a perfectionist, be away from this kind of pizza cutter



2. Does the cutter has sturdy rivet to the blade and handle area?

It will be terrible to find the blade shakes side to side when trying to slice the pizza.  Sturdy construction plus the rivet will avoid this situation and thus prolonged the life

What a sturdy construction looks like? Dual-side solid support bar with sturdy rivets.

Stainless steel supporter from both of the wheel front and back, with a sturdy rivet fixed them together


3. Is the handle solid and easy to grip and comfortable in the hand?

There are wood handle, metal handle, rubber handle and plastic handle in the market. Which is solid? Let’s see some of the usual handle in the market



4. Which size do you want? 2-inch or 4-inch wheel or a big rocker

Wheel cutters are usually 2 inches or 4 inches. I myself love 4 inches, as I can use it cut pizza, brownie, spaghetti, vegetables and so on. Wheels are easy-control when cutting a pizza and good for all size as you just simply need to roll the blade.

Rockers are usually 12 inches, 14 inches or 20 inches. Which to choose depends on your stock place and what size of pizza your family usually eat. This kind of cutter is shaped like a “half moon” with a curve. It can cut an even slice and straight line, but it is not good for really large pizza


5. Is it easy-clean and suitable for dish washer?

What do you hate after dinner? for me, the answer is washing dishes. Actually, most people hate washing dishes! It is true of washing a pizza cutter. Though most stainless steel pizza cutter is suitable for dishwasher, but do not do that frequently, it will shorten the cutter’s life.

That easy clean or not depends on the design of a pizza cutter.

Cutters like this kind(below) needs to be dismantled for cleaning, which is unsafe and easy to be hurt during dismantlement.

For the below style, the handle part covers too much wheel and the distance between them is too short, not convenient to clean





Ideal choice of a wheel cutter

If you prefer pizza cutter wheel, Mirthee  4 inch stainless steel pizza cutter will be an ideal choice







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