A New Way to Control Mosquitoes Indoors (Coupon at the bottom)

A New Way to Control Mosquitoes Indoors (Coupon at the bottom)
2018年7月23日 Mirthee_official

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It’s time to control mosquitoes! Then you tried various ways, from mosquito repellents, sprays, to mosquito nets and bracelets and so on, the effect, however, is not good and smells of these products are disgusting. As human beings, we never cease when it comes to mosquito control, and always never get rid of mosquito bites. Now we will introduce you a cutting-edge mosquito control product–valens light mosquito trap!

A brief introduction

After years of research and development, our team, led by Dr. Tang, who finished Doctor degree in MIT, has finally created this well-tried mosquito trap. The trap has got lots of awards after release for both of its gorgeous appearance, which will dazzle your eyes and the high efficiency of trapping mosquitoes, and other flying insects such as biting flies and more.
How our Light Mosquito Trap works?

Step 1: LED-Light emitted helps attract mosquitoes into the unit

Step 2: The Bionic Patent Technology helps capture the mosquitoes

Once attracted by light, the upright airflow generated by a built-in fan drives the mosquitoes upward into the cage.
Why we consider upright airflow to capture the mosquitoes? It makes it easier to lure the mosquitoes into the cage, Let’s see how our patented technology is special:
Mosquito Ecology (Published by German zoologist John b. Silver at university of Manchester on August 2 7, 2008) records:
“They concluded from observations on the movements of mosquitoes marked with fluorescent powders that when a mosquito encounters an air stream produced by a light-trap it attempts to evade it by vigorous flight activity.
As well as a forward thrust an upward flight movement is involved and this tends to help mosquitoes escape capture in conventional traps, but increases their likelihood of capture in updraft traps.”

Step 3: Transparent collector is where the mosquitoes die

The continuous upcoming airflow keeps mosquitoes in the collector and drives the them to hit onto the internal wall again and again, and finally makes them too exhaustive to escape, dehydrated and died typically within 24 hours.

Step 4: Take down and clean up the transparent collector

Why choose this light mosquito trap?

1. State-of-the-art industrial design with three cool colors.
2. Meticulous selection of material
Guided by the concept of “Pursuing Supreme Quality”, we select high-quality odorless and harmless engineering materials, rendering the trap a solid and sturdy body which is flame-resistance, fatigue-resistance, durable in use.
3. Non-toxic
This device trap mosquitoes by wind and light; no toxic material will be released during operation.
4. Quiet operation
Operational noise is lower than 35 db, which is even quieter than internal noise in library; which means it will not disturb your sleeping even putting it in your bed room
5. Energy-saving
The power consumption is less than 12W. Run 24 hours a day, it only consume 0.28KW/H, which is Eco-friendly and energy-saving.

6. wide applications

Any indoors such as apartments, houses, supermarkets, basements, garages and hotels.
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