The best ways to keep your shoes in good shape

The best ways to keep your shoes in good shape
2018年7月17日 Mirthee_official

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The love for attractiveness is native to humans. Everyone wants to look good, from head to toe. Assuming that a man has gorgeous haircut and clothes,  if the shoes appear neat and clean, points added in his appearance;  however, what if the shoes look creased and dirty, the good sense of first impression may decrease. So you see how important it is to choose a right pair of shoes and  keep them in good shape! The following tips will shoe you some ways, or tips, to keep your shoes in good shape and thus save the life of your shoes.

1. choose suitable shoes, not too big or too small.

Shoes that are too big or too small are easier to be creased and deformed.

If the shoes are too big and there is a gap between your foot and the shoe is too big, the leather or other materials will bend more and thus lead to more creases. If the shoes are too small and you feel tight, your feet will stretch the shoe and deform the shape easily.

As far as I know, when people try shoes in a real store or receive shoes from an online shop, they always do a quick back and forth walk for about one or two minutes or even less. That is not right, you need to spend around 10 minutes in the shoes and feel your foot. One or two minutes will not give a real feel. If it is too small or big, leave them. Some online stores state that their shoes are standard sizes, but when you receive it, always not that right. Do remember to try before keeping them.

2. Usually use a shoe horn to put on shoes

Some may not know what a shoe horn is. Let me explain, a shoehorn or shoe horn (sometimes called a shoespooner or shoe tongue) is a tool that enables the user to insert the foot more easily into a shoe by maintaining the shoe’s counter in the upright position and by providing a smooth surface on which the foot may slide into the shoe. You see, a shoe horn will prevent the shoe counter from being creased by times of bending when putting on shoes.  It doesn’t happens once or twice, it happens over the years. Though some shoes have pulling ring on the back, sometimes it does not help much.

For shoes like loafers and sneakers, a short shoe horn will help (such as mirthee 7.5” shoe horn); for boots, a longer will help (such as mirthee 18” or 23” shoe horn)

                                                   Mirthee 7.5” shoe horn


                                            Mirthee 18” shoe horn

3. Clean shoes before storage

Storing shoes that are not cleaned(with dirt or dust on them) would cause damage to the material that the shoes are made from. With time goes by, material is damaged and the shape is also deformed. This is especially true for shoes made from leather or suede, but all shoes will benefit from being cleaned up before storing them. Even if you store them overnight, it is a good idea to clean them up and ready to put on your feet the next day morning. Let them dry before storing.
· How to clean leather and suede shoes: brushing off dirt and dust with a soft, non-scratchy cloth or brush. If stains on them, use a special leather or suede cleaner to remove stains. Please do not use a sponge to clean as it may contain chemicals which may destroy your shoes.
· How to clean canvas shoes: brushing dirt off, and use soapy water to clean stains.
· For plastic shoes, just wash them with soap and water.

4. Use shoe trees to keep the shape

A shoe tree is a device mimic foot shape that is placed inside a shoe to preserve its shape, stopping it from developing creases and thus prolong the life of the shoes.  Keeping your shoes immediately on the shoe tree when not wearing is the most important thing you can do to keep your shoes from creasing.  Shoe trees also play a crucial role of absorbing away leather-damaging moisture from the inside.
· You can find shoe trees easily in shoe stores or online shops
· If you don’t have a shoe tree, some newspapers may help you

If you follow the above tips, your shoes will look better and the life will be prolonged.



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