The secret to make touch-up a breeze

The secret to make touch-up a breeze
2018年8月24日 Mirthee_official

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Loving beauty is human nature, and makeup is the instinct of every girl, besides, pretty looks can increase someone’s self-confidence, as a result, every girl wants to keep their makeup as long as possible. However things are not always what we think. Have you ever suffered a lot when:

One or two bites into your burger and you’re suffering from lipstick-chin


Several hours under sunshine on the beach and you are suffering makeup milting off


                several hours facing computer in air-conditioning office, and you are suffering oily skin, looks terrible!


Several hour in the gmy, all your makeup melt off with sweats.

Now, you need to touch up. You must have put your expensive makeups into your bag/purse, but find there is no place like home, no vanity mirror which is your favorite. You need a portable mirror which can easily put into your bag/purse: the genius invention of this Mirthee portable LED lighted makeup mirror will make it a breeze! Whenever or wherever you need a makeup or touchup, it will become your good assistant.

Look! the gorgeous and attractive appearance. With light weight and diameter of 8.5cm, it is handy and easy to put it into your pocket or purse.

It comes with 11 LED bulbs in a ring around the mirror that have a dimmer option. The LED light mimics natural light, no bulb changing, and they have a long life with extremely low energy use.  It’s evenly diffused and clear, so you can easily see when something isn’t blended properly.

The mirror has dual mirrors, with 1X magnification for a full view while 3X magnification enables you to spot even the faintest imperfection you can address. Things like liner, lipstick, and brows often need a closer look.

Considering using the mirror in different environment, the mirror comes with two light modes. The power button is on the right side of it.

It will turn to automatic mode after pressing the power button once, which lights the mirror for 15 seconds for every touch. When pressing the button twice, it will be always-on mode for continuously use. If you press the button three times, the light will be off.

The light intensity can be changed if you long press on the button.

The mirror is chargeable. With the standard USB port, you can charge the mirror for convenient power anywhere. A USB cable is included in the package. Just plug it into a USB outlet, it will be charged automatically, and the breathing light will on during charging. We select good battery inside to ensure long-lifespan.

It is CE certificated, and meet the international standard of GB7000.1-2015 and GB7000.204-2008., quality guaranteed.

Three colors: gold rose, pink and green!



Grab one and every where is your dresser. Delicately touch up in front of Mirthee portable make-up mirror, you will be 100% confidence and gorgeous!

Grab one on amazon US

Grab one on amazon UK


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  1. […] When half an hour later the plane will arrived the destination, you just worry about how’s your makeups after several hours. At this time, a mirror is necessary! You are not at home, and you do not have big oral mirror in front of you. So take with you an affordable, durable, versatile, compact, and lighted mirror, and Mirthee makeup mirror is just right! This mirror is only 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches, and 5.6 ounces, easy to slip into your pocket or purse. It comes with 2 mirrors, one of them on the upper is 3X-magnification. With a ring of  diammable LED lights around, you can quickly spot where is wrong on your face and quickly correct it. See more details of the mirror. […]

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